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Give Your Motorcycle a Boost as the Big Freeze Sets In

Give Your Motorcycle a Boost as the Big Freeze Sets In

Give Your Motorcycle a Boost as the Big Freeze Sets In

Motorcycle owners are being urged to give their bikes a winter boost during the big freeze.

The winter weather has well and truly set in, with meteorological experts predicting weeks of plummeting temperatures ahead.

Cold weather can cause havoc for motorcycles, with problems including cold start wear, fuel system corrosion, carburetor icing, stalling and rough running at low revs.

Experts at FUCHS Silkolene, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of motorcycle oils, advises people to add a fuel stabilizer to protect the engine, particularly during periods of inactivity.

Joost van Genderen, Head of Motorcycle Division at FUCHS Silkolene said: “The cold weather causes big problems for motorcycles. It’s important that you give them a little extra TLC to help them through to spring.

“A fuel treatment product can protect against the most common problems associated with winter.

“Silkolene PRO FST can be used in leaded and unleaded fuel and in both two and four-stroke engines.

“It reduces the incidence of pre-ignition and also enhances the fuel’s octane rating to a small extent.

“Even if you are not planning to take your bike out on the icy roads, a small amount of PRO FST can ensure it is ready to go when you do decide to throttle up.”

Joost advised against using cheap additives found on some supermarket shelves.

“Some fuel additives have big claims on the bottle, but deliver little,” he said. “Go for a trusted brand. Our high-performance oils are based on over 40 years of R&D experience.”

Silkolene PRO FST is recommended to be used at a concentration of 1% to 2%.

FUCHS Silkolene oils are used by leading motorcycle teams in the UK and beyond, including BSB Championship winning teams JG Speedfit Kawasaki and Be Wiser Ducati.

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